City of Frost

Bleak Beginnings

You stumble into the door of the Frozen Flagon, half frozen and injured. Your master and mentor now lays dead out in the ruins of the old city that held the promise of great opportunity and riches only hours ago. You warned your master about a bad feeling you had before they entered the ruined building. They left you to keep look out as the war-band entered. You remember their screams of terror as something horrible echoed through the halls below. You tried to go in but the front half of the building crumbled into ruins sealing everything inside. A nice sized chunk of debris shot out and struck your head, knocking you unconscious for a time. You woke up and hauled yourself back to the tavern where your journeys into the frozen city began. You stumble through the door and over to the fire to warm up. The other patrons look at you for a moment then continue on with their conversations. At some point someone one of the tavern ladies drapes a blanket over your shoulders, but you don't notice till much later. Your cold, alone, and have nothing in this new world your master dragged you too.


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